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Calling all tech savvy teens and women!

It’s imperative for a team to understand their users. With apps¬†increasingly geared towards teenagers and (you guessed it!) women, it can be challenging for executives in suites to determine the needs of these demographies.

That’s where you come in! Why have someone ¬†guess what you want? Build it on your own! The Kickstart team is excited to announce two awesome cash prizes from NCIT:

1. Best application built by competitors under 21 – MVR 8000

2. Best application built by female competitors – MVR 8000

Our event is inclusive not only for developers and designers, but technology enthusiasts as well. There are many roles outside ‘coding’ and ‘designing’. It’s also not an issue to show up on your own as we will acquaint everyone and assist in forming teams.

Help us bridge the youth and gender discrepancy in Technology – Sign up now!


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