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Don’t start early and get disqualified!

With our tickets sold-out and the wait-list growing strong, we’re getting some interesting questions on whether participants can use a library or framework that they have built themselves.

We strongly believe that:

1. All of our participants should start on the same footing

2. No code should be written prior to the Hackathon

3. The only exception is the code for libraries or frameworks that will be used to rapidly build your prototype.

Your custom libraries or frameworks become eligible only if they are free and open for other participants to use. We recognize thatĀ open-sourcing your library right before the Hackathon gives you a jumpstart. As you may have read on the Rules page, we take these issues very seriously and reserve the right to disqualify candidates for starting the Hackathon with an unfair advantage.

Help us preserve the competitive nature of a Hackathon by using tools that are already open and freely accessible to everyone.


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