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Pitches & Presentations

For our Hackathon, we have two pitching events – pitching ideas at the beginning and pitching products at the end. Each participant will have an optional 3 minute slot to pitch the idea they would like to work on. We already have an Idea Bank ( you can use for inspiration. If you have more than one amazing idea, share it in the Idea Bank!

When you pitch your idea, it’s important to convey:

1. Who is your target audience?
2. How are they currently managing without your proposed product?
3. How does your product address the need?

Once eveyone is done pitching their ideas, we will form teams (for those who don’t already have one) and may the most popular ideas win!

After your team is done building your product, you team will have to present a minimal yet working demo of your product. We’re not allowing any presentation slides so that you can focus primarily on your app or website or even hardware hack.

Be sure to give a quick demo of:

1. How new users would be signing up for your service
2. What the primary features are
3. How much will it cost?

Don’t stress too much over your presentation. In the end, a great product will speak for itself 🙂

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