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As our chief guest Dr. Hassan Hameed noted, our Hackathon was indeed ‘a festival of ideas’. The 40+ Maldivian developers at our Hackathon did not disappoint us – We had a wide variety of impressive applications!


Vindhu/ For blood donation (1st Place) Naail Abdul Rahman (@kudanai) and Mohamed Maail

Vindhu helps ease the challenge of finding a blood donor quickly. The iphone/android app captures your location and bloodtype during registration and allows users to query an area for donors of a specific blood type.


VaguPi (@vagupi) / Intrusion detection (2nd Place) Ahmed Imthishal, Akbar Asif and Athar Mohamed

Using a laser trigger, a camera and motion sensor enabled RaspberryPi, VaguPi captures photos of robbers, tweeting the photos in realtime. Check out VaguPi’s twitter profile:


Coffee Buddies (3rd Place) Ahmed Raihan, Ahmed Shafleen and Hassan Irfan

A one-off social network, Coffee Time has a few interesting features: You can check-in to a table at a coffee shop, chat with people at other tables (or staff) and also contribute to the music playlist of the venue.

Libi/ Collecting information (Best app built by a team with a female competitor) Aiesha Adnan, Muaz Ali and Yameen Mohamed

Libi is a search engine for both Thaana and English. It crawls through various local websites and aims to be the de facto local search engine.

Dhathuru / Travel routing Mohamed Afzal

Currently there are many challenges with getting domestic travel information, especially for the ferry system. Dhathuru lets you pick where you are, where you want to be and provides an itinerary with the cost of the trip.

Internet Banking Hussain Sarfaraz, Ibrahim Naeem and Inash Zubair

A mobile application for internet banking that provides a slick UI to take care of your banking needs on the go.

Weddings Mazin Ahmed and Reema Mohamed

The Weddings planner website eases the planning phase of a wedding, allowing you to go through a curated list of relevant venues and services for your big day.

Aantharees CS / intelligent CS Ahmed Naxeem, Mohamed Hunain and Wadday Hassan

Aantharees CS provides an intelligent mobile interface to dealing with customer service on the fly.

MedSYS Abdulla Musthafa, Adam Waheed and Rahmathullah Abdulfaththah (@raftalks)

MedSYS provides a directory of the local doctors and their availability, by aggregating scheduling information from various clinics and hospitals.

Council registration Ahmed Shifau, Ali Azwad and Ali Afsal

Council registration provides a variety of services for the local council through a geo-based interface. It establishes family ties between people and provides tree-based hierarchy on how they are related.

Smart ID/ Traffic police for identification Hussain Ibrahim and Ismail Azeez

Smart ID provides an interface for traffic police to query relevant information such as driving records, pending payments to the tax authority, vehicle registration information, etc.

Adwhat/ Tracking advertisments Mohamed Shuaib

Adwhat is an advertisement platform where advertisers have a one-stop-shop to purchase ads and various partners will display the ad through this system.

CRM/ Customer relationship management system specific for ROL Mohamed Aas

This system provides a mobile interface to managing various CRM tasks for ROL.

Smart Q system/ Web based Q system Ali Shafiu, Hussain Nazan Naeem and Mohamed Saameen

Smart Q system uses a RaspberryPi to issue and manage queue tokens. It has the functionality of sending an SMS / notification to you when your number is about to be due and provides flexibility on how early you’d like to be notified.

Event management Has’san Azim and Mohamed Shuraih

We’ve all had that moment where we read about an event we would love the day after it was held. The Event Management system provides a catalog of the upcoming events, allows you to register for one or even list your own event. It also manages reservations for venues.

Thank you (again) to all of our sponsors, supporters and of course, participants, for making this event a success!


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  1. Interesting projects. Would have liked to see a crowdsourcing solution for status of various service outlets such as for which ATMs are working; queue status for govt services etc.