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We need your ideas!

Kickstart is building our ‘Idea Bank’ for the Hackathon. We need your help to fill it with awesome ideas for our participants to draw inspiration from. You don’t have to be a participant to submit an idea, but here are a few guidelines to ensure it’s a good one!

  • Think about who your audience would be. What you would they need or be willing to pay for? Is there a need in the community that hasn’t been addressed?
  • Is it innovative? What makes it unique?
  • Keep it simple but effective as participants will only have 24 hrs to build a basic demo or what is typically called a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The idea bank will serve only as a list of suggestions. No participant will required to choose any specific project from the idea bank – they may choose to derive inspiration from, mix and match or even choose one of their own. All rights to the product will be owned by the participants who build the product.

We’ll keep the idea bank up and running even after the Hackathon so if you have a good idea, you know where to share 🙂

Kickstart Idea bank.

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