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Website defaced early morning of 18th March 2014

Anyone that visited us in the early morning hours of today would have seen our website was defaced and a message left by a group identifying themselves as “United Bangladeshi Hackers”.

 Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.44.08 PM

The full message they left was:

“Once upon a time the same people organized a “hackathon” which failed
The same people takes all the dev projects with corruption.
No dev opportunity for the Maldivian Youth?
We Are United Bangladeshi Hackers
We are United
We Are The Power Of Truth And Unity
We are raising the voice for the youth of Maldives
We are raising the voice for the youth of Maldives
This is just the beginning. The end is near for the colon forks.

We understand this was an entirely personal attack directed at two of our organising team members who run the web development agency Semicolon. The message ends with a threat for further attacks.

We have investigated the attack and have found out the following:

– Website was defaced by changing the DNS records to point to an alternative server containing the HTML page.

– Logs show multiple automated attacks being run against the server to probe for vulnerabilities in various web applications and server software.

– The DNS records were changed at our domain registrar Dhiraagu, which handles all .mv domains.

We will be lodging formal complaints with Dhiraagu and Maldives Police Service to investigate this.

We would like to thank Dhiraagu and their kind personnel for helping us resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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