Kickstart Hackathons

... is a hackathon series, organised by the not-for-profit group Kickstart, where developers in Maldives can come together, spend a time working on a project and, hopefully, end up with something interesting, new or useful that may potentially have high social impact or could kickstart a viable business.

Showcase your skills, let innovation and creativity flow, challenge yourself, build something awesome and new.

Give back to the community, solve a problem, changes lives. Contribute to the open-source world.

Meet like minded people, exchange ideas, observe and learn from each other.

Win awesome goodies, prizes and take home the ultimate prize... bragging rights!

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Associate Sponsors


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Official Prizes

Kickstart offers official prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Winners will be selected through peer voting after presentations at the end of the event.

1st Place

  • MVR 25,000/- by NCIT
  • MVR 5,000/- per member by MMA
  • 3 Months of Site5 hosting (each member) by Site5

2nd Place

  • MVR 10,000/-
  • 3 Months of Site5 hosting (each member) by Site5

3rd Place

  • MVR 5,000/-
  • 3 Months of Site5 hosting (each member) by Site5

Special Prizes

Additional, sponsor-specific, special prizes are awarded separately by sponsors based on their terms and requirements.

Best application by a competitor under 18

  • MVR 8,000/- by NCIT

Best application built by female competitor

  • MVR 10,000/- by NCIT

Most innovative eGovernment application

  • MVR 10,000/- by NCIT

އެންމެ މޮޅު ދިވެހި ޕުރޮޖެކްޓު

  • MVR 5,000/- by Dhivehi Bas Academy

What you need to know


Event participation is free and open for all – the only rule being participants are required to be available at the event for the duration of the event.

Unfortunately, there is a finite number of participants that can be accommodated at the event location and will be accepted on a first-come basis. Participants should RSVP via the Kickstart website beforehand to guarantee a place and help us prepare better.


Participants may work on any type of project and are free to use any tools, programming languages, architecture and hardware of their choice.

Participants will be given a 3 minute slot to pitch their project idea and may pitch upto 2 project ideas. Participants may work alone or form teams (maximum 3 people per team). The pitch can be used to entice others to join or to find people to team-up with.

Stuff provided

  • Desks and chairs for participants to use.
  • Plenty of electrical sockets and extension boards.
  • Free wireless Internet via WIFI will be available.
  • Meals, energy drinks, coffee, tea and water will be provided for free.

License and Rights

Any software and systems developed at the hackathon will remain the property of the respective developer(s). Developers may choose to release their project as open-source software with a license of their liking, or keep their project private or may offer it for sale.


27th November 2015
  • 1430 hrs
    Registration Opens
  • 1500 hrs
    Laptop/Desktop Setup
  • 1530 hrs
  • 1600 hrs
    Opening Keynote
  • 1715 hrs
    Team formation
  • 1730 hrs
    Hacking Begins
  • 2030 hrs
  • 2130 hrs
    Hacking Continues
  • 0100 hrs
    Project Updates
  • Hacking Continues
28th November 2015
  • 0700 hrs
  • 0800 hrs
    Hacking Continues
  • 1300 hrs
  • 1400 hrs
    Final commit / deploy
  • 1600 hrs
    Demo Time
  • 1700 hrs
    Voting & Awards
  • 1720 hrs
    Closing Remarks