Our Goals


The Kickstart events are aimed at celebrating and encouraging innovation. Hackathons are aimed at encouraging participants to at least build and demonstrate a proof-of-concept for an idea or product and hackathons held elsewhere have demonstrated this repeatedly.

Since software development is not limited by geographic or social boundaries for the most part, we believe it should be possible to launch a regional or even global interest software or service through innovation.

Foster Industry

Although Maldives has a large number of graduates in Information Technology, Software Engineering and Computer Sciences, we have yet to establish a solid computer and software industry.

The barriers of entry into the software business are very low and require very little, allowing hundreds of new companies across the world to enter and establish a successful venture with regional or global reach and clientele. We hope these series of events will ultimately contribute towards the establishment of such companies and industry in the Maldives.


We aim to attract and invite local businesses, government agencies, NGOs and investors to the Kickstart events and foster communication and networking with participant developers.

We hope this enables developers with promising projects and innovations to reach potential employers, clients and investors and vice versa.

Community Building

With Kickstart events, we aim to build a close community of developers in the Maldives where developers can learn from each other and help each other.

The events are hoped to attract developers from all circles, from the beginner to the experienced, from self taught to the academically trained.