Thaana on Android

A case study on recent thaana android apps and how some common and challenging issues can be avoided

Naail AbdulRahman
iOS/Web Developer, Lecturer

Messaging With RabbitMQ - Software That Can Talk

RabbitMQ is an open-source Message Broker Software, that implements multiple protocols. This talk will focus on what message brokers are, while focusing on the AMQP protocol, emphasising how the protocol works via RabbitMQ and the ease in deploying vast architectures without the traditional hassle

Ahmed Rishwan
IT Project Manager, Maldives Stock Exchange


30th November 2014
  • 2030 hrs
  • 2035 hrs
    Thaana on Android - Naail AbdulRahman
  • 2100 hrs
    Messaging With RabbitMQ - Software That Can Talk - Ahmed Rishwan
  • 2130 hrs
    End of event

Kickstart Techtalks

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